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Cheap Vacations for Honeymooners

It's possible to have your dream honeymoon on a shoestring budget - all you need are a few pointers on where to look and how to book cheap vacations.

First, travel off-season. Cheap vacations, regardless of the destination, all start with the time of the year you're traveling. There's no hard-and-fast rule about sunny spots getting a high influx in winter or vice-versa.

Following trends through the years, it has been found that certain places tend to have few visitors at certain times of the year, and you need to know about this important information if you're dead-set on finding a cheap vacations.

For instance, January is the best time of the year to go to Washington, San Francisco, or New York for cheap vacations. In summer, the cheapest tickets can be had for destinations such as Utah, phoenix, and Albuquerque. You can have a cheap vacation in Las Vegas in August and in Hawaii in May.

When flying, you'll have a better shot at cheap vacations if you fly via budget airline carriers instead. They may have less appealing food (in fact, some would even charge you for what you eat), less leg room, no-reservation schemes, and odd schedules, but when you're on a honeymoon, the most important thing really is each other's company, not having ample space to stretch your legs in. You'll be cuddling each other all throughout the flight, anyway.

But a honeymoon couple doesn't have to fly either for cheap vacations. The two of you can go on scenic drives anywhere in the country. This is best when both of you drive and can take turns on the wheel.

Some of the best scenic drives in the West, for instance, are the Oregon/Hells Canyon Byway, a 218-mile-long scenic route with breathtaking views of vast farmland and mountain country; the New Mexico/Highway 25 Route from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, a 63-mile ride showcasing arroyos and mesas, and the California Route 1 via the Big Sur Coast Highway.

Enjoying cheap vacations entails a lot of planning months in advance. You'll be assured of much cheaper rates if you make room reservations early enough, as hotels would rather be assured of income and can offer deals at lower prices.

You can avail of cheap vacations via EasyCruise, cheap vacations at an EasyHotel, and cheap vacations riding on an EasyBus. What are these, you may ask? These easy-on-the-budget deals are made possible by the company named easyGroup operating in the U.K. They either franchise or license the brand to businesses offering affordable fares and services for cheap vacations.

An EasyCruise cabin suite, for instance, has 79 square feet while the smallest stateroom on a Carnival Cruise measures 185 square feet. Cheap vacations can be had from EasyHotels, too, mainly because several amenities you're used to in regular hotels are done away with, such as telephones, laundry services, gyms, restaurants, pools, minibars, or hairdryers. Oh, and you have to pay an additional fee to use the TV's remote control!

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